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Nubra valley #1
NFT series 

When I first started taking photos, I observed a lot of different pictures on the internet, and consistently practiced taking photos of things surrounding me for 4 years.


Before traveling to any of my dream destinations, to take a perfect picture,

I have to look and analyze everything about the composition of that scene from best available photos of that place first. After that, I like to imagine how

I would capture that scene, if I was actually there. And Nubra Valley was one of the places I've always imagined about.


I worked hard and saved money until I was confident enough to travel, but it wasn’t as perfect as I expected it to be, it was the complete opposite.

There was light rain and the clouds covered every area, so I couldn’t see the sunlight and any color in the sky.

Despite the obstacles, I didn’t give up, I was very determined to get the picture I’ve been imagining in my head. I laid down and rolled around in the sand, looking for the best composition, then took over 1000 shots, selected the best image and retouched it as I had imagined it in my head.



This image, out of 3000 images on 500 px photo competition website, had the highest score of 99.7 votes for “Nubra Valley” search.

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